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By connecting to the purest form of energy within us; some call it spirit, universal consciousness, or God, we can create an opening to our true nature which transcends the limitations of our conditioning and personal identity.


Healing sessions at Šibalík Therapies give you an opportunity to experience a fuller state of being whilst releasing restrictive patterns and dis-ease.

My name is Adam Šibalík, and I am a fully certified Bi-Aura Therapist. I would like to tell you about how Bi-Aura can benefit you on your healing journey.

Adam Šibalík

Certified Bi-Aura Therapist

advanced system of healing which works through balancing the human bio-field

able to relieve physical, mental or emotional trauma by removing energetic blockages

assists the body's own healing rate so it can heal itself

Bio-energy therapy could help you achieve your well-being goals

“The most powerful, exciting and clinically effective energy therapy I have witnessed”

Dr Mark Atkinson on Bi-Aura


I use positive, healing energies sent through compassion which can bring about feelings of peace and health.


Through active listening and presence, I will help you to design an intention which will guide your healing journey.


Benefits of treatments can be felt on all levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Address causes of dis-ease

Instead of just alleviating the symptoms,  treatments work on their root causes.

Optimise your energy

A balanced energy field can accelerate natural healing.

Feel more resilient

Bi-Aura helps you to return to a natural state of harmony and strength.

Experience bio-energy therapy for yourself


I've had Bi-aura sessions with Adam and found them to be very helpful for improving my health condition. 


I found the sessions very relaxing, powerful and were conducted by Adam in a very friendly and professional manner.


If you're thinking about getting some energy healing, I would highly recommend Adam as your healer.


I was able to drop deep into my session with Adam as I felt the rare quality of a therapist innately trusting his own therapeutic intuition and divine guidance. 


It brought up extraordinary images for me which, on concluding the session, matched exactly what he was seeing and working with.


My ongoing journey of seeing, loosening and loving that which has been stuck, has been helped along enormously by my one session with Adam


Thank you for lifting this migrane off my shoulders. I was desperate when I came to you, nothing seemed to work. You have my gratitude.

What my clients say

unprocessed grief


lack of personal power

period pain


low energy levels


manifesting one's life purpose

lower back pain

Some of the conditions I have treated so far

for a more comprehensive list please see treatable conditions

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In our initial session, we will discuss the reason for your visit and set an intention for the treatment - this is an important step; where attention goes, energy flows.

Through visualisation and affirmations, I will invite you to keep connecting with your intention throughout the session.

Using a series of hand movements I will raise the vibration of the blocked energy enabling it to be drawn out of the chakras and cleared from the aura. Similarly I will attract energy to deficient areas.

Even though you remain fully clothed during sessions and although there is little or no physical contact, you may experience a variety of sensations such as tingling, heat, cold, a feeling of lightness and a deep sense of relaxation.

There are three main types of response to Bi-Aura therapy:

- An immediate improvement in health, often with significant cessation of pain

- No obvious change but a later realisation that the ailment has gradually faded away

- An apparent, worsening of symptoms (often referred to as a healing crisis) as the body adjusts to the changed energy flow

Clients are asked to commit to a minimum of four sessions as, although it isusual for you to be aware of subtle changes after only one session, deep seated energy blocks may take several sessions to breakdown.

Most ailments can be alleviated quite quickly using Bi-Aura. Some clients can, however, subconsciously hold onto pain. Because the way we think has a profound effect on our healing, letting go of negative thought patterns will release the trapped energy causing the ailment. Our willingness to accept change will therefore dictate the speed of our recovery.

What happens in Bi-Aura therapy?

No Quibble Guarantee

Should you not be fully satisfied after your 1st session,

I will refund all your treatment fees at no risk to you

My services

1to1 sessions
Home visits
Distant healing

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to believe in Bi-Aura therapy for it to work?


No, but thought is energy so it is ideal that anyone receiving the therapy should have an open mind. If a person is adamant that Bi-Aura will not work for them they are unlikely to get a good result as their negativity will adversely affect the energy flow

Q: Will it cure me and how long will it take?

Bi-Aura practitioners do not claim to cure but to facilitate the self healing of the client by restoring the natural energy flow. Most ailments can be alleviated quite quickly and simply though some people can, quite subconsciously, experience difficulty in letting go of their complaint.

The therapist will encourage the patient to participate in their own healing by learning that our health is effected by the way we think and how we literally make ourselves ill by holding onto old emotional pain, a poor self image, guilt or resentment. Patients are then able to recognise and begin to let go of these negative thought patterns, in turn releasing the trapped energy causing the ailment.


The speed of recovery will be influenced by the person's willingness to embrace this concept and how deeply their belief systems are entrenched. A minimum of four sessions is recommended with further sessions for more deep seated conditions.

Q: Will my ailment come back?

Once the energy flow is restored to the body the ailment will not return unless the blockage was caused by a belief system or thought process which the patient has not released.

It is well documented that optimistic people suffer from fewer ailments than pessimists and again, as the patient becomes empowered to recognise the mental or emotional causes for illness, they discover by adopting a different attitude towards these issues they are able to avoid further energy blockages occurring.

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