Informed Consent

Dear Client,

In order to provide you with the very best tailored and safe experience, it is important that you read, understand and sign this consent form.

I acknowledge that Adam Sibalik is not responsible for any medical diagnosis, medical treatment or psychological wellbeing, but instead provides a complementary service. Therefore, I will continue to see my regular doctor or counselor, and all medical or psychological decisions will be made explicitly between my health professional and myself. I understand that I am fully responsible for communicating with Adam Sibalik regarding any special health needs, issues or concerns, psychologically or physically that may be sensitive to change. I understand that Bi-Aura Energy Therapy may uncover hidden issues in myself, which may lead to some discomfort and disruption, as changes are integrating into my life. I accept this change and still choose to participate in this form of healing. I further understand that no results have been implied or guaranteed to me personally by Adam Sibalik.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, I do not have any medical or psychological condition or any physical issues, which would prohibit me from participating in healing sessions. If using any medication, or if I have any medical or psychological condition, I will notify Adam in the "Additional Information" box below. Such information will be kept strictly confidential. Being 100% responsible for Myself, I am open to receive possible benefits of Bi-Aura Energy Therapy with Adam Sibalik.

By Submitting this form with the button below I agree to all of the above.

Informed Consent

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